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At Bloomers, we like a good party and we hope that when you've arranged your party decor with us, yours will be just as good.

Whether you want to purchase your helium, balloons, bases and ribbon from us and have a DIY do, or whether you'd like us to handle the room & table decoration putting confetti, place settings, napkins and tablecloths out for you; we will gladly oblige.

For those of you considering an attempt at doing your own balloons, please consider:


DIY Decor

Bloomers Decor

Disposable helium tank (max. 25x 11" balloons) x2 - £55.00 Ten sets of three 11" helium balloon arrangements - £55.00
Reel of ribbon (500m) - £4.99 Upgrade one balloon on each set to a printed one - £5.00
Thirty solid colour 11" balloons - £7.50 Liquid latex HiFloat treatment to extend float time - £FREE
Ten balloon bases (to make sets of three balloons) - £10.00

Total cost - £67.99

Total cost - £60.00




You can say - "I did the balloons myself" None - Our price is £LESS than your DIY package!



Your balloons are 11" in diameter Our balloons are 11" in diameter
Your balloons will float an average of 18 hours - they look good for about half that Our HiFloat treated balloons will float an average of 48 to 72 hours - they look really good for more than a day
If you burst any balloons, you won't get as many from a cylinder You WILL get 10 sets of 3 balloons at your party if we deliver*
If you over inflate the balloons, you get less from a cylinder You get a printed balloon on each arrangement in this price
Unless you are careful, your balloon sets will all be different heights All your table arrangements will look identical
Unless you use a template, your balloons will all be different sizes All our balloons are inflated to the same size
The arrangements may take you over an hour to complete Just phone to order and pay for your balloons - we do the rest.
If the party is in the evening - you need to inflate your balloons that same morning at the earliest We deliver* at a pre-arranged time to suit everyone or you can pick up from the shop throughout the day

We will arrange either option - the choice is yours - give us a call

* Delivery is £5.00 local - other distances / special holidays on request



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