A small selection of the hundreds of balloons we have in stock.
Please call us if you can't see what you require - If we don't have it we can probably get it.

18" foil balloons start at £2.50 and are helium filled with ribbon and weight attached.

Supershape foil balloons start at £6.50 and are helium filled with a ribbon and weight.

The larger Bubbles, Orbz and Cubez start at £5.95 and are helium filled with ribbon and weight and at no extra cost, a collar of small balloons at the base of the large balloon.

Air-Walker foil balloons start at £14.95 and are finely balanced to sit gently on the floor.

All our LATEX balloons are treated with float extender which keeps them floating 2 to 3 times longer than untreated balloons.

You can order and pay over the telephone.

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